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'Embrace your aloneness'

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Academics, other than out-and-out scientists, connect and distill mostly known material. Mavericks on the other hand, produce work based on personal discoveries, even without goals as such. They may discover the fresh; or the well trodden; and frankly, the latter can seem quite fresh and unique to them. What is vital to humankind, is that useful ideas are repeatedly strengthened, by recurrences of discoveries, in independent fashions. Many people digesting many books, has to categorically fail in that respect. Human acquisition of wisdom is different, because each time universal truths are independently rediscovered, they become stronger, and are more readily acceptable by those without that lived experience, such as people in the same group, culture or nation, etc. Sadly, there are academics who might be protective of both their institutions, and their scholastic identities, and closed shop mentalities, such as a fanaticism for references, hamper this former approach.

I ask that you explore my writing, with the curiosity(?), humility(?) and openness of mind(?), that got you this far. My venture is most certainly not a commercial one.

Please believe my sincerity, when I say "Godspeed in discovering your worth."

Michael John Holme BSc(Hons) MSc



Jesus Christ - (Luke 17:20-21) --- "Pharisees asked Jesus when God’s kingdom was coming. He replied, “God’s kingdom isn’t coming with signs that are easily noticed. Nor will people say, Look, here it is! or There it is! Don’t you see? God’s kingdom is already among you.”" CEB®

Jesus Christ - (Matthew 19:14) --- "“Allow the children to come to me,” Jesus said. “Don’t forbid them, because the kingdom of heaven belongs to people like these children.”" CEB®

Tom Hanks - (Forrest Gump) --- “I’m not a smart man, but I know what love is.” 

Carole King - (Thoroughbred) --- “Only love is real. Everything else is illusion.”

Bhagwan Rajneesh Osho --- "Once you have loved yourself, you will love God. And it is not a question of choice. It is when you have loved yourself that God starts falling in love with you."

Ram Dass --- "The spiritual journey is individual, highly personal. It can't be organised or regulated. It isn't true that everyone should follow one path. Listen to your own truth."

Friedrich Nietzsche --- "No man is more inferior than those who insist on being equal."

Ram Dass --- "The game is not about becoming somebody, it's about becoming nobody."

Buddha --- "Do not look for a sanctuary in anyone except yourself."

Buddha --- "The root of suffering is the attachment."

Michael Holme --- "Embrace your aloneness."


Michael Holme --- "Only compete with yourself. Everest is locally known to the plain and humble."

Albert Einstein --- "If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or objects."

L. Ron Hubbard --- "The truth of the matter is that all the happiness you will ever find lies in you."

Paramahansa Yogadanda --- "Humans become angels on earth, not in heaven."

Hermann Hesse ---  "For different people, there are different ways to God, to the center of the world. Yet the actual experience itself is always the same."

Robert Greene - (The 50th Law) --- “Understand: as an individual you cannot stop the tide of fantasy and escapism sweeping a culture. But you can stand as an individual bulwark to this trend and create power for yourself. You were born with the greatest weapon in all of nature—the rational, conscious mind. It has the power to expand your vision far and wide, giving you the unique capacity to distinguish patterns in events, learn from the past, glimpse into the future, see through appearances. Circumstances are conspiring to dull that weapon and render it useless by turning you inward and making you afraid of reality.
Consider it war. You must fight this tendency as best you can and move in the opposite direction. You must turn outward and become a keen observer of all that is around you. You are doing battle against all the fantasies that are thrown at you. You are tightening your connection to the environment. You want clarity, not escape and confusion. Moving in this direction will instantly bring you power among so many dreamers.”

golden rule.jpg

Unsurprisingly, I have adhered to less than all the religions and systems I might mention. Instead, my experiences and some commonsense, led to the assertion that all paths have similar aims. Obviously, promoting humility over arrogance, is most fundamental, and much else stems directly from that. But furthermore, both the notions of happiness coming from within, which my own collection of quotes quite extensively underlines, and the various flavours of the so called (pictured) "Golden Rule", collected by another person, strongly suggest overlaps are both many and convincing. I tend to say, that people need to hear or read things in the way that suits them. Consequently, the rephrasing of universal truths is ALWAYS worthwhile, because if a fresh presentation of words, results in only one person achieving self-discovery, and therefore a start to their authentic life, or a more genuine one, it is of vital importance to share your words, and hence clarify those of others, hundreds, even thousands of years old.

Each green button leads to details about its corresponding book, with no purchase needed.

Released in 2021/22, "Selected musings" and "All about joe", reinforce and add to my earlier work with their own perspectives. Of course, reinforcement features within the overlaps between major religions, if only in how they put high values on fundamental human virtues.

Secular, academic and anecdotal thought, can offer equally deep, ultimate ideas, because of the profundity that can be achieved through individual introspection. Ironically, "All about joe" mostly collects generalisations, and it's not about someone called "joe." The small 'j' tries to hint at that. Its text is short, tight, in places perplexing, and the product of a full-blown manic episode.

"Selected musings" is -

What is truth? - 05

Life101 - 13

My three words - 21

Stress & the extroverted introvert - 36

No - A shortcut to assertiveness - 38

Negative egotism - 45

Faith - 50

Faces that follow us forever - 57

Ultimate deception - 63

As of  24/04/22 this brand new additional 2300 word essay

Manic depressive self-realisation - 72



"I am" :

"A revealing read that opens up questions to why we subscribe to the choices we make, with regards to trend, image and conformity etc. (to shape our identity). It made me question if the choices I have made regarding these and other paths, were taken purely for their assumed function or more to form an identity."

Darren Lea-Grime, Bicycle expert, Musician and Poet 

"I am" :

"Overall I have spent my professional lifetime (50 years) telling people that their lives count, their experiences matter, their survival skills admirable, their commitment to a life of drudgery virtuous. My point is that these are the very tools of change. Use them, reflect, learn and exercise choice. I think we agree on this."

Dave Morgan, Listener, Observer and much more

"I am" :

It's lovely when ideas are validated, but it's not the goal of thinking. This video, released over a year after I published my "I am" book, shows Sadhguru, indirectly, but also totally, agreeing with my independent ideas. Thus, two people, with no humanities links of academic types, uncannily, have a 100% overlap.

Jagadish Vasudev, Yoga Guru and Author

"I am" :

This second validating video is also an indirect review. It features the Zen Master and Abbot, Doshin Hannya Michael Nelson Roshi. At about forty minutes he asks the class who they are, then he says "not knowing" is the best response. The incomplete name of my book, "I am", alludes to the same.

Doshin Roshi, Poet, Troublemaker and Teacher

"Embrace your aloneness" :

"An honest, raw and searching collection of prose and poems that never concede to the anger they could, instead they express beautifully, pain, loss and grief, with tender insight. I found empathy in these words, which is surely the whole purpose of blackening pages. Michael narrates this work throughout, finding a fine balance between the poetry and commentary in the presentation of his journey, which I now understand to be heart breaking, generous and full of human kindness."

Oliver James Lomax, Poet 

"Embrace your aloneness" :

"Many thanks for the copy of 'Embrace Your Aloneness' which I read with pleasure and admiration for your endeavor! Syncretic forms are difficult to handle, but you've managed it with fluency and grace. The book is very powerful in delineating the roller-coaster of your history, with its emotional and mental disturbances, and the distribution of material between prose, poems and photographs is very persuasive. I don't think you could have found a better way of dealing comprehensively with so much material!"

~ John Anthony Connor FRSL, Retired professor of English

"Embrace your aloneness" :

"A work of great honesty and compassion with the autobiographical persona changing identities on several occasions! A mix of anecdotes and poems make a versatile content. It is published in fairly large print which makes it an easy read, finishing with some nice photographs for the reader to put a face to the names...."

~ Ann Brown, Retired legal secretary

"Embrace your aloneness" :

"This is a sensitive autobiography, brilliantly written using the author's own poetry and prose. A must read, the description is taken from Michael’s own experience. It explains how events of trauma in childhood can lead to depression, drug abuse and eventually serious mental illness in adulthood. Sometimes it is painfully honest and raw to the reader. Michael discusses the connection of mental illness to the stresses and temptations in modern life, compared to the past. The autobiography is proof that the author has survived against all odds. Through hard work and perseverance he has gained independence and peace."

~ Kate Collins MAFA, Artist



In this "Matrix" clip, Hollywood adds to mine and other's messages, and points the intrepid to many third party words indeed, unusually covering the philosophical implications of the story; even if they "over egg" what might have already been shared. : philosophies of Matrix

Ram Dass wrote the famous book "Be Here Now." He was once a Harvard psychology professor, and he was very involved with psychedelics. I personally reject the use of street drug, but my life experiences are in total agreement with this video, and within it, Ram Dass speaks in a strongly believable manner.

Jordan Peterson says you'll have time for his suggestions, but only as far as you reaching the age of 60, when you might have "missed the boat." So if you watched that Matrix clip, 60 means you get the figurative blue pill whether or not, because red is no longer an option.


Humour! :)

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